The Centre for
Coaching Psychology

The aim of the Centre for Coaching Psychology is to disseminate scientific information about evidence-based approaches to executive, organisational and workplace coaching and to provide a range of bespoke coaching and consulting services to our clients.


Professional Coaching Training

Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

Coaching Related Consultancy

Professor Anthony Grant

Dr Anthony Grant, Director of the Centre for Coaching Psychology, is recognized globally as a key pioneer of Coaching Psychology and evidence-based approaches to coaching.

Our approach is theoretically-grounded but highly practical, and draws on the extensive research conducted by Dr Anthony Grant in his role as the Director of the Coaching Psychology Unit at The University of Sydney.

The CCP is an independent coaching and consultancy practice. Please note that Dr Anthony Grant’s executive coaching and consulting work is part of his independent private practice and is not associated with his position at the University of Sydney unless otherwise stated.

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